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Qi Wireless Charger Kit for Galaxy S4

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Wireless Charging Pad and Receiver Included


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The CHOE Qi Wireless Charger Kit for Galaxy S4 / S IV/ I9500 comes with a LED indicator (as you can see in the below pictures) that will emit a blue light when the Qi pad is plugged in. It includes a wireless charging pad and receiver.

Product description

QI Wireless Charger Kit for Galaxy S4

Specification:(S4 /S IV /I9500 receiver)

1. Output Voltage: DC5V
2. Charging Current: 700mA
3. Input Power: 5W
4. Distance: 5mm
5. Dimension: 65*51.8*0.8mm
6. Weight: 10g
7. Charging Rate:70%

8. QI Standard

Specifications: (Transmitter pad)

Input: DC 5V/1000mAh to 2000mAh

Output: 5V 1000mAh

Frequency: 100 to 200 KHz

Wireless distance < 5 mm

Micro USB cable included

Supported devices: LG Google Nexus 4, Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 820 , Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus, S4 I9500/S3, note 2, and any Qi Standard smartphones.


Works with any Qi-enabled device through an adapter or an embedded chip

Power Source: AC Adaptor plugs into charging pad

Freedom of Placement: No annoying magnets to align or secret spots to find in order to charge your device. The wireless charging pad is Qi standard, you can charge any Qi-enabled device today, tomorrow and beyond. Light indicator to show charging status.


Wireless charging pad X 1

Cable X 1

S4 wireless receiver X 1

Note: AC adapter not included

Does it work through a phone case?(relatively thin, not an otter box style case)
Works even through an Otterbox.
How do i install the receiver? i dunno if i have to take off the plastic
Comes with instructions. Very easy to do. Just remove the back of your phone case, place in proper location and replace the cover.
This work with samsung galaxy note 3.?
Yes, very well... even with a pretty thick case.
Is this charger also compatible with the samsung i9506 s4? my phone stop charging almost a week now and i need asap.
I Have that phone and I got this charger about a year ago. I LOVE IT. it charges my phone very well and I would recommend this to everyone. just put your phone on this and no plug in. just let it charge. Best thing you will ever want.. Get it you sure won't regret it. I LOVE IT.
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