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Qi Wireless Charger for Samsung Galaxy S6

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Including Wireless Charging Pad and Wireless Charging Receiver (May not Compatible with OEM S-view Flip Cover)


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QI Wireless Charger for Samsung Galaxy S5

The CHOETECH Qi Wireless Charger Kit is suitable for Samsung Galaxy S5,it does not work with S5 active. It includes Qi wireless charging pad and qi wireless charging receiver included for Galaxy S5. The Triple-coil wireless charging pad is very easy placement, no need to find charging spot as normal wireless charger. The wireless charger pad is compatible with Samsung wireless charging cover for Samsung Galaxy S5.

Product description

QI Wireless Charger for Samsung Galaxy S5

Specification:( S5 receiver)

1. Output Voltage: DC5V

2. Charging Current: 700mA

3. Input Power: 5W

4. Distance: 5mm

5. Dimension: 66*60*1.3mm

6. Weight: 10g

7. Charging Rate: 70%

8. QI Standard


Power Source: AC Adaptor plugs into charging pad

Freedom of Placement: No annoying magnets to align or secret spots to find in order to charge your device. The wireless charging pad is Qi standard, you can charge Qi-enabled device today, tomorrow and beyond. Light indicator to show charging status

Specifications: (3-Coli transmitter pad)

Input: DC 5V/1000mAh to 2000mAh

Output: 5V 1000mAh

Frequency: 100 to 200 KHz

Wireless distance: 5 mm

Micro USB cable included

Note: It is incompatible with Galaxy S5 Active and S5 Neo

Is this a complete set or do I need to purchase an additional item to be able to charge my s5 wirelessly?
It is complete as far as what's needed for the S5. You will still need your AC wall charger that came with the S5 to power the wireless pad. They do include a USB to mini-USB cable with it, though.
Does it work with otterbox defender case?
Yes. I am currently using my Samsung Galaxy S5 with an Otterbox Defender case and I am able to charge my device using the wireless pad no issues. In fact, it works better than charging with the Samsung charging pad I have. By Amazon Customer on May 31, 2014
Does the charger stop when the phone is fully charged or will it still send an electric current to the phone?
The Samsung Galaxy S5 includes logic to enable the Qi wireless charging process. According to the Qi specification, communication is one way from the receiver (S5 + receiver coil in this case) to the transmitter (charger pad). The receiver modulates the wireless charging field to send requests back to the charger pad for more or less power. In the case of the S5, it never tells the charger pad to turn off when it's at 100% charge. It tells the charger pad to reduce the charge to a minimum. Other devices, such as the Nexus 4, may tell the charger pad to turn off when it hits 100%.
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