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Nintendo Switch Tempered Glass Screen Protector (2Pack)

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CHOETECH 2.5D Edge HD Clear Bubble-free 9H Hardness Anti-scratch Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch 2017


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Product description

Made for Nintendo Switch
Designed specifically for the Nintendo Switch, the CHOETECH tempered glass screen protector offers a protective fit for your device.

Scratch Protection
This glass screen protector features 9H super hardness, capable of withstanding scratches and impacts from sharp objects such as keys and knives.

Crystal Clarity
Although the glass adheres to your screen, its high level of transparency allows you to still see your screen clearly.

Precision Application
Tools are included for simple and bubble-free installation.

Tips to Prevent the Screen from Bubbles:
Step 1. Please kindly clean your screen with "wet wipe"
Step 2. Use the "dry wipe" to clean the screen and then use "Dust-absorber"to get all fingerprints and dust off of screen.
Step 3. After cleaning, please place the screen protector down simply at the bottom, press slightly and go forward removing all air and boom.
Step 4. Wear the protective case at least 15 minutes after applying the screen protector.

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