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CHOETECH Technology Career Qi Wireless Charger Solution

Time : December 04 , 2014/10:46 am

Wireless charging is an exciting and relatively new technology that enables devices to be charged without the need for cords, connectors or electrical plugs. Wireless charging allows power to be transferred wirelessly from a charging transmitter to a charging receiver. The receiver is built into the device (like a smartphone or tablet) which is then simply placed on the charging pad that houses the wireless power transmitter.

Wireless charging allows multiple devices to share the same wireless charging pad as long as they are compatible with the wireless power transmission technology built into the charging pad. Although existing technologies and standards for wireless charging - as well as those still under development - do not restrict implementations to charging devices for smartphones and tablets, these consumer devices are generally seen as the first adopters.

Wireless charging technology allows users to simply place their portable devices on a charging surface to start the charging process. In addition, it provides new options for form factors such as integrating this technology into smartphone accessories like Bluetooth speakers. Also, integration into office desks, kiosk furniture or car consoles will provide a more convenient and flexible way of charging phones and tablets while being on the move. New design options for smaller, better and more convenient charging solutions will rapidly increase the adoption rate for mobile and consumer electronics.

CHOETECH is now combining several of its high performance mixed signal (HPMS) technologies in a range of wireless charging solutions to make wireless charging smaller, smarter and more efficient. CHOETECH’s reference designs target the highest efficiency, the lowest component count and lowest standby power. Adding CHOETECH’s NTAG Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to wireless charging transmitter solutions opens up a range of exciting additional applications like automatic Bluetooth pairing, the option for users to configure their wireless charger, or to automatically start applications on their NFC enabled smartphone. By improving performance and user convenience and by adding new features, CHOETECH wireless charging solutions will help drive wireless charging to become the standard way of charging mobile devices.

CHOETECH provides solutions based on the Qi specification released by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), and will develop wireless charging solutions for new standards still under development by the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) and The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP). As a member of these three standardization groups, CHOETECH will continue to develop wireless charging solutions that further improve the user experience of wireless charging.