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Production Of Qi Wireless Charging Devices Gaining A Great Boost

Time : November 01 , 2014/16:05 pm

The wireless charging devices based on the Qi standard have started to flood the markets. When the technology and the standard were first introduced, many people were skeptical about its commercial viability. After all, the effective charging range for these devices were only 5 cm. The gadget market, however, has spoken otherwise and the market is now brimming with one after another innovative wireless chargers. Well known technology brands and lesser knows gadget manufacturers, both have joined the fray and hence the customers now have a lot of choices as far as reasonably priced wireless chargers are concerned.

A closer look at a wireless charger will reveal that it has two main parts, the transmission pad and the receiver pad. The transmission pad is connected to the power source. The receiving pad is where the phone s kept and charged. The designs are based on Qi standards. Now most of the innovation that we see involves the receiving pad rather than the transmission pad. The reason is simple. The transmission pad provides the power to the device and hence any trickery with it internal workings can violate the Qi standard.

Some of the devices in the market provide charging solution for more than one device. The smartphones that are charged via induction coil can be kept on the receiver and the get charged by the induction method. Some devices provide more than one induction coil for charging multiple phones. The maximum number of phones that can be supported by a charger is 3 at the moment.

It is mandatory to place the phone exactly on the induction coil’s location for it to get charged properly. But some manufacturers like Duracell have introduced chargers that have many coils so that no matter where the phone is kept on the receiver pad, it will get charged. This can come in pretty handy while driving as you can just place the phone on the pad and not worry about whether it is getting charged or not.

A lot of research and innovation is going on in the wireless charging world. Very recently SONY has announced that is working on a wireless charger that will be able to completely charge a phone in just 1 hour. The current wireless charging devices take much longer than one hour to fully charge a battery. So it is a big step towards making wireless charging a household technology. The phone hardware design has to support the charger’s technology so it will take a few months before this new charger is commercially available.

Currently, several NOKIA, LG, Samsung and a few other phones are supported by wireless charging. Samsung Galaxy phones can even be charged by using a wireless charging back cover or adaptor. Looking at the R&D going on in the wireless charger market and the big players taking interest, it is only a matter of time before the effective range and power increases and SONY is already one step ahead in that path. Now it is time to see how the other stakeholders respond to this challenge.